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Hi, my name is Alejandro, but my mom calls me Jandy. I’m 24 years old and live in shitty Puerto Rico. All I do is eat, WORK, take pictures, WORK and sleep, even though I’m not sleeping as much as I should be. Anyways… here you’ll find pictures from places I go, ugly friends I have, awesome songs from kick-ass bands and tasty noms I eat.

Facts about me:
You can ask me about all this stuff, I won’t mind.*

I moved to MILTON, Fl today(Sunday, February 6, 2011).
I moved out of Milton, Fl today(Tuesday, April 26, 2011).
I love tuna sandwiches.
Obviously a cat person.
I don’t own a $,6384,629,846 camera, instead I’m buying shitty disposable ones.
I can live of burgers and Coca-Cola.
I haven’t seen my best friend in quite a few now.
At least I play with him via Xbox Live, no homo.
I’ve been single for a long time now.
I hate the sun.
I almost cried when I saw Shook Ones at The Fest 8. (True story)
I’d probably kick your ass on Super Street Fighter 4 or Call Of Duty.
I don’t know how to swim.
I don’t like beans.
I love dem nipple piercings.
I don’t have tattoos.
I’m extremely out of shape.
Don’t like sushi.
Don’t like veggies.
Super shy.
I don’t like The Beatles.
I love when people talk shit about straight edge.
I love even more when people “break” edge.
I am straight edge.
Love girly small hands.
Don’t know how to play any instrument.
Love being on the passenger seat.
I pick my nose, I don’t care.
Pro gay marriage.
I’ve never been to Disney Land.
I don’t ask for followers/questions.
I don’t mind answering questions.
I don’t cry and bitch out when people “unfollows” me.
I don’t like Star Wars or Star Trek.
I miss my beard.
I don’t believe in luck.
I hate/love girls.
I fall in love with random girls all the time.
Heartbroken4lyf though.
I want to see Blink 182, NFG, Title Fight & Converge before I die.
My favorite MMA fighter is Chan Sung Jung (The Korean Zombie).
I have a few tattoos and a cattoo.
I think The Locust is one of the greatest bands ever, EVER.
Since I moved back to Puerto Rico, I found who my real friends are.
I want to move back to the states as soon as possible.
To Massachusetts, obviously.
My mom loves to surprise me with Snickers.
Snickers and Cokes = the best combo yet to discover.
Talking about tattoos, I just have only one finished and it’s a little tiny heart.
I saw American Nightmare at their reunion show in Massachusetts.
I eat tuna sandwiches way much.
I haven’t shaved since May of 2011.
I have fucked-up nails.
I’d love too know how to use video editing software, I suck at it.
Money should be free.
Every time I fall for a girl, it’s not her time to fall for a boy.
Even though I love coca-cola so much, I stopped drinking it.
Always, more tattoos.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009
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