More Than Life – Love Let Me Go

Song | Love Let Me Go
Band | More Than Life
Album | Love Let Me Go

Breath in and cut shorter. Don ‘t let your heart sink lower. I know we had differences but this love will last a lifetime. If we put our heads together and trace back this history, it won’t take long to realize how much you mean to me. Old photographs still stuck to the door, smoke stained teeth and damp cold floors. The first time your kiss seemed softer, that one time when your heart broke harder. It’s this love we never had, sometimes think that I’m glad this hate I miss being by your side, I need a place to hide. I’ve tried to forget your name but every night seems the same. Disintegration will follow, I’ve never felt a pain in life so hollow, I’ve given up. I’m letting go, I’m so scared of what will follow. I’ve never felt a pain in life so hollow. Letting go of everything I used to know, love let me go.