Bigass Snickers.

A little bit of footage from the This Is Hardcore 2013 weekend. I was in total awe the whole five days I was in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. Can’t wait for next year’s.

The Suicide File | This Is Hardcore 2013.

Nails | This Is Hardcore 2013.
Don’t know how my camera didn’t caught fire.

Half man, half banana.

Comadre FINAL SHOW FULL SET (924 Gilman 06.15.2013)

Their / They’re / There - End and End (Nervous Energies session)

Have Mercy - Let’s Talk About Your Hair

Pet Symmetry - A Detailed And Poetic Physical Threat… (Nervous Energies)

Pet Symmetry - “Please Don’t Tell My Father…” (Nervous Energies session)

Anti Sociales - Llorare (Acustico) @Candela, San Juan, PR.

Martyr’s Tongue recording some drums.
I recorded/edited the video.

Drummer: Felix Vega
Recorded by Edwin Ojeda
Mixed by Axel Otero

Un Final Fatal - Aspecto Cadaverico | NON$